Shaisiri Orphanage

Meet our Shaisiri Residents

The Shaisiri Orphanage opened in 2016 and is located near Cape Coast, Ghana. The facility was made possible through support of our generous donors.

The twenty-five (25) children, from the Children Helpers Foundation, who reside at this facility consider Shaisiri their home. Though the facility has provided a place for the children to live, they still need daily support. The monthly costs (per child) are: (1) $50 for basic needs and (2) $50 to transport them to school and provide them with snacks throughout the school days.

We welcome the sponsorship of individual children and/or general orphanage support.  Any funds collected in excess of one child’s exact needs will be donated to the general orphanage expenses.  The school fees for the Shaisiri children are partially funded by the Helpers Farm and partially through separate fundraising efforts of Learn Grow Lead.

Shaisiri means virtuous victory in the Thai language, let’s work together to ensure a virtuous victory for these children!




Victoria Acquah

Hobbies: watching movies and traveling
Favorite subjects: math and English
Dream: become a teacher




Janet Adofo

Hobbies: reading, hanging out with classmates
Favorite subjects: math and English
Dream: become a teacher





Emmanuel Amissah

Hobbies: painting, drawing
Favorite subjects: technical drawing, reading
Dream: become an architect





Beatrice Annaman

Hobbies: dancing, watching movies
Dream: become a nurse





Patience Appah

Hobbies: swimming, watching movies
Favorite subjects: natural science, history
Dream: become a midwife





Emmanuel Baidoo

Hobby: football
Dream: become a pilot





Ishmael Baidoo

Hobby: football
Favorite subjects: English and math
Dream: become a great footballer





Michael Cobbina

Hobbies: reading and swimming
Favorite subjects: science and geography
Dream: become a doctor





Daniel Dadzie

Hobbies: reading and swimming
Dream: become an accountant





Gilbert Annan Duker

Hobbies: playing, reading and watching football
Dream: lecturer in mathematics





Diana Eshun

Hobbies: swimming and watching movies
Favorite subjects: English and social studies
Dream: to be a pilot





Joyce Essel

Hobbies: swimming and dancing
Favorite subjects: environmental studies and science
Dream: to become a food nutritionist





Sharon Essel

Hobbies: reading, painting and watching movies
Dream: to become a model





Vincent Essuman

Hobby: basketball
Dream: become an engineer





Agnes Hackman

Hobbies: singing and watching cartoons
Favorite subjects: science
Dream: to become a nurse





Emmanuel Koufie

Hobbies: swimming and hanging out with friends
Favorite subjects: geography
Dream: to be an entrepreneur





Jerry Mensah

Hobbies: playing football and reading
Dream: to be a banker





Gladys Otoo

Hobbies: reading and watching movies
Favorite subjects: mathematics and science
Dream: to be a social worker





Wisdom Owusu

Hobbies: reading, playing soccer and dancing
Dream: to be a pastor





Philip Quansah

Hobbies: drawing and playing football
Favorite subjects: technical drawing
Dream: to be a world-class footballer





Emma Sam

Hobbies: reading, singing and dancing
Dream: to become a lawyer





Otheniel Smith

Hobbies: football and reading
Favorite subjects: science and environmental studies
Dream: to be an architect





Ernestina Swanzy

Hobbies: sewing and hanging out with friends
Dream: to be a professional seamstress





Francis Tawiah

Hobbies: reading and watching movies
Favorite subjects: Akan language
Dream: to be a journalist





Rosina Tobega

Hobbies: singing and reading
Favorite subjects: science
Dream: become a geographer