Learn Grow Lead (LGL) is supporting The Children Helpers Foundation (CHF) develop a farm known as “The Helpers Farm”.

The Helpers Farm is the sustainability plan for the CHF.  By establishing an income stream to pay school fees for the impoverished children they support, they can decrease their reliance on outside donors.  CHF owns 10 acres of land which will be cultivated for the production of vegetable crops and sold in the local marketplace. Other objectives include the creation of jobs for recent high school graduates (CHF alumni) and supplying fresh produce to 17 schools in the government school feeding program.

Through sponsorship and grants LGL raised $15,000 for the first phase of development which began in 2015. Fundraising has begun for a 2017 farm expansion that will allow for a significant portion of the Children Helpers Fund budget to be covered by farm profits.  We are open to exploring university partnerships as well as cause marketing partnerships that are in the best interest of the farm and its growers/community. For more information on this project, please contact Erin Douglas 310-795-5550,



The Children Helpers Foundation was established in 2002 in order to afford an opportunity for orphaned, poor and trafficked children to build better lives for themselves. Children Helpers Foundation takes care of health, nutrition and educational needs of children accepted into the program.

Children Helpers first undertakes responsibility for the education and care of these children and then takes measures to find them suitable employment. Besides paying for education, CHF aims to provide vacation classes, cultural dance classes, educational tours and entertainment for the children.